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Have you always wanted to discover more about your ancestors and where they came from? Ancestor Discovery can help you with your search.

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We understand that trust is important to you and as professionals we take our obligations very seriously.

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Why choose Ancestor Discovery for your research?

Would you like help researching your family tree and receiving a professional summary which can be handed on down the generations?

Have you been told stories about being related to noble families, royalty, convicts and other criminals or someone famous?

Do you have an ancestor that you can’t find in a census or find his or her birth/baptism or marriage?

When you do a search, are there so many entries that you can’t work out how to narrow them down or know which ones to choose to view?

Are there family mysteries which you would like to solve but just don’t have the time to undertake the research yourself?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then help is at hand. Our professional family history researchers can work with you, taking the information you already know about your ancestors and through in-depth research and analysis using the millions of records available to us, help to reveal your ancestry.

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