frequently asked questions

Can I do it myself?

Yes you can. However, there may come a point in your research where you hit a brick wall and cannot progress any further.  This is where we can help.  While we cannot guarantee success, our experience will enable us to look in ways that you may not have previously considered. 

Why should I choose Ancestor Discovery?

When deciding on a professional genealogist, it is always a good idea to check out their qualifications.  Anyone can call themselves a genealogist or family historian. Ancestor Discovery's principal, Cathie Sherwood, has studied at genealogical institutes in the USA and has completed the Society of Australian Genealogists' Diploma in Family Historical Studies. She also holds a research Master's degree in Education and other university qualifications.

I can't find a person. Can you help?

We can help locate a person but the caveat is that it depends on the time frame and his/her location. Some records are easier than others to source.

How long will the research take?

It depends. The minimum time we recommend to get started is 10 hours and that will usually be sufficient to identify great grandparents.  However, if the records are difficult to access or are not readily available, then it may take longer.

What happens if nothing is found. Can I get my money back?

No professional family historian can guarantee results.  The research may also uncover links which were unexpected.  This investigation still takes time and that is what you pay for - the time and expertise of the researchers.

What are the costs?

The standard hourly fee is $100 per hour.  However, the best value is in the packages which can reduce the hourly fee. Check out the Research Services page for more information. 

Note: All prices are in Australian dollars.